Monday, 16 December 2013

. . . and more Travel Angst

This trip to Brunei certainly began on the wrong foot with my passport problems which, as I discovered today, are not over.  Even though I am in Brunei, our planned trips to Malaysia and Singapore are now in jeopardy because of my passport expiry problems.  I am now trying to see if the Canadian High Commission here in Brunei can help.

And to add injury to insult so-to-speak, last night I tripped over a metal drain cover in the utility room and suffered a very nasty gash between toes on my right foot. Had to go to a local medical centre where the doctor and the duty staff could not get it to stop bleeding (a small blood vessel had been severed).  They had to call in a surgeon who finally got the thing to stop bleeding and then stitched it all up.  So, now I am on antibiotics and hobbling around with one good foot and with a wallet lighter by some $1200 (which I trust my medical insurance will cover).

This morning I was to have a game of golf but that is now going to have to wait.

Well . . . at least it is not snowing.

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Dave Shelton said...

Sorry to hear your situation , let's hope things get resolved, As for not wearing your safety sandals , that may become an insurance issue, cutting in on your golf time (pardon the pun) , as for the snow comment, today , I operated a snowblower for the first time in my 60 years of life, some of the drifts were 3' . My classic cars were both out in snow for the first time ever ! I got spoiled living in the south and in homeowner places where they did the snow removal..I have two driveways. The best is I don't have to be any where, that can't wait..Retirement works !